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| Kindergarten

My favorite part of LJCDS is the teachers. I like all of the teachers because they help us learn.”


8 a.m. I put my bag in my cubby and then go to play blocks with my friends.

9 a.m. In science, we learned about the bones in the body. I learned a new word today: sternum. That’s the bone that runs down the middle of your chest.

10:30 a.m. We had music today. We’re learning songs that we’re going to sing on Grandparents Day.

11 a.m. In literature, we looked at books and picked out sight words. I know a lot of sight words, like “the,” “a” and “and.” I even know how to spot the word “yesterday.”


12:30 p.m. After lunch, I like to play on the playground with my friends.

1 p.m. In art, we learned about Vincent Van Gogh, who was a very famous artist. We drew “Starry Night” and “Sunflower” pictures.


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