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| Grade 8

“One of the best parts about LJCDS is that you grow such a close bond with the teachers. It’s so nice when you go back years later and the teachers remember you.”


Math. My math teacher is super nice. We worked in groups to solve different proofs. It’s helpful to work in a group because you benefit from a lot of different perspectives.


Visual Arts. In art, we’re doing ceramics, which I love. We’re making cups and bowls, and it’s great because you have the freedom to design them however you want.


Physical Education. I play on the volleyball team, which practices during PE. I like how we get to work as a team and how we celebrate when somebody does something good. I like that I get to play with all of my friends.


Science. I really enjoy science because I find chemistry super fascinating and fun. In lab, we mixed zinc and zinc chloride and made a penny turn gold.


Life Skills. In Life Skills, we talked about cliques, how it feels to be left out of one and the aftermath of what it does to a person. My favorite part about the class was that it was a safe space and a stress-free zone to talk and discuss issues with peers.

After School

Service-Learning. A couple of years ago, when everyone was still wearing masks, I decided to make mask lanyards and sell them for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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