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| Grade 9

“Design and Innovation lets me practice my hobbies during the school day, so it’s always fun, usually relaxing, while also letting me stretch my abilities, collaborate and learn new techniques.”


Humanities. In English, Ms. Gheewala has us throw a softball around to control the flow of the discussion. After, she shows us a heat map of who’s been contributing to the discussion, who hasn’t as much, and then what she calls our golden moments—things that we did well, so we can learn from that.


Humanities. Mr. Dalton always makes history an interesting class. Instead of lectures, for example, we get to do things like listen to podcasts on a real-world ethical scenario and analyze it on our own.


Flex. I’m in the Economics and Investment Club, where we’re investing actual money. Each student can pitch a stock to the rest of the group with a presentation, and then we vote on it. If we vote yes, it gets added to our portfolio.


Design and Innovation. In Design and Innovation, I used the 3D printer to make shelves for my locker, which are really useful. I like woodworking, designing and those sorts of things.


Torrey Mindful Learning. We’re learning about executive functioning skills and how we learn best. It’s interesting.

After School

Athletics. I run cross country, which I love. I love just how motivating the coaches and my teammates are. I find myself consistently improving each week and running more miles than I ever thought I could.

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