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| Grade 1

“My favorite thing about LJCDS is that I get to play with my friends and make some new ones. I can play with whatever friends I want to every day.”

Before School

Extended Day. I go to Extended Day before school. I like it because I get to see my friends and play. One of my favorite things to do is play on the swings.


Morning Routine. When I get to my classroom, I check the board for morning work before morning meeting.


Language Arts. My favorite subject is Language Arts. I like to write and illustrate stories because I get to work on my handwriting and draw WOW pictures that impress my family when I bring them home. I worked on a fiction story about gardening.


Math. In math, we’re working on counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. 10s are my favorites.


Design and Innovation. In first grade, we get to have Design and Innovation. It’s iPads and computers and other stuff. It’s fun and you get to learn a lot of things.



Dignity Traits. Today, I got a Torrey Traits sticker! You get that when you show one of the six Torrey traits. I got a sticker for helping people clean up without being asked.

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