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| Grade 7

“The best part is the positive atmosphere of the school and how every part of the experience is enjoyable, like the delicious lunches or chatting on the bus ride with friends.”


Design and Innovation. This is a pretty fun class. Right now we’re doing a research project on famous innovators and also getting to practice using different techniques with the laser cutter.


History. We just started a debate unit in history. You’re assigned to a team to argue for or against three topics: the military’s use of dolphins, if homework is good or bad and if the NFL should do more to prevent head injuries.


World Language. I decided to take Mandarin because I’m half Chinese. I like it when we do a candy challenge, which is speaking or pronunciation practice. If you get all of them right, you get a little bit of candy. It’s a good motivator to study a lot and practice.


Math. I’m ahead in math, so I take Algebra II in the Upper School. A couple of other 7th graders are in my class. It’s interesting, and it’s a lot more challenging.

After School

Athletics. I run cross country for PE. I like it because I can talk to my friends when we run. Also, I noticed I got a lot better. So it’s really satisfying to be able to run faster than I used to.

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