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| Grade 5

“The best part about going to school at LJCDS is the teachers. They are nice, they make learning fun, and they make me feel supported.”

Before School

Transportation. LJCDS provides transportation from my neighborhood. There’s a bus stop a half mile from my home, so it’s really easy to get here.


Math. One of my favorite subjects at school is math because I like to figure out how to solve complex math problems and play math games. My math teacher, Mr. D’Avanzo, makes math fun.


Performing Arts. We had music today. I like music class because I’m learning to play the trombone this year. I like exploring how to make different sounds on the trombone.


Design and Innovation. In Digital Literacy, we’re learning how to use Google Docs and Google Draw.


Science. In science, we’re learning about the volume of different objects. We had to figure out how many units would fit in an object.

After School

Service-Learning. I did a community service project on my own, where I started a Little Library right in my own neighborhood.

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